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☻  Bunker & Freshwater Supply. 

☻  Marine Lube oils.

☻  International Tow Jobs.

☻  Vessel chartering & Fixing.

☻  Anchor handling & Towing Tugs.

☻  Dredging operations.

☻  Technical Management/Retainership.

☻  Pipe & Cargo transportation.

☻  Offshore accommodations.

☻  Diving support.

☻  Rig & Offshore assistance.  

☻  Hydro blast, Spray Painting, Marine Paints.

☻  Trading and Ship Chandling.


Anchor handling:

Anchor handling is an activity which is regarded as one of our main competencies. Anchor handling vessels are designed with relatively higher horsepower to tow barges, drilling units and perform anchor handling operations as well as the ability to carry supplies to platforms. The increase in deep water exploration has led to higher horsepower vessels to handle the heavier gear required to operate at such depths.

JP Offshore’s fleet of AHTS vessels are medium sized with an average of 6000 B.H.P. and have proven themselves in supporting accommodation work barges, jack-up drilling units, heavy-lift vessels, pipe-lay barges.

Our fleet of AHTS is continually being upgraded and added to through new buildings so as to offer our customers the very latest technology, capability and reliability.

Offshore supply:

Offshore supply vessels are designed with large cargo capacities, superior fuel efficiency, and good sea keeping for safe operations offshore. The increase of exploration in deep water areas of the world has heightened the demand for these vessels as the requirement for greater cargo capacity to support today's drilling and production has grown substantially.

JP Offshore's fleet of OSV's are considered superior in their class with an average deadweight of 1,500T and have proven themselves as supply vessels, pipe-carriers, ROV platforms.

Pipe & Cargo transportation:

JP Offshore has the required expertise and competency with the transportation and logistics of pipes for pipe laying operations. Our fleet of ocean going tugboats and cargo barges offer a complete operational package to customers.


Offshore accommodations:

JP Offshore owns and operates self-contained accommodation work barges with complementing anchor handling tugs, designed to provide a complete package service to the offshore construction industry.

Its barges can accommodate and fully sustain more than 300 personnel at any single point in time and has onboard construction equipment supporting charterer’s activities such as welding, cutting, power and water generation and offshore heavy-lift cranes capable of performing offshore activities like hook-up and modification work, installation, maintenance and repairs to offshore structures, platform marine growth removal and inspection, riser Installation, inspection and repairs, harbor construction support services, sub sea pipeline and cable tie-ins, pipeline repair, pile driving, SBM installation and clamp-on projects.

Diving support:

The barges with open deck space available are most suitable for setting up diving spread to carry out survey and repairs, free span correction of subsea pipe lines and cables.



JP Offshore have extensive experience handling marine equipment and dredging vessels and understand the unique challenges of working in the marine construction environment. Offshore towing of dredging equipment and marine dump scow barges is the specialty of our tug crews. A multi-service marine transportation company,JP Offshore can safely and efficiently deliver your barge or equipment to any port in the world. This versatility is made possible by the company’s practice of partnering with its customers in the planning, engineering, administration and execution of tows.

Shore side assistance is available 24 hours a day to provide timely response to the needs of JP Offshore customers. With experienced crews and shipyard support for our tugboats, JP Offshore is ready to handle almost any job at any time. By working in partnership with our customers, we are able to lend our significant experience and expertise to provide solutions to their marine transportation requirements.

Offshore vessel management:

JP Offshore has been a pioneer in the area of offshore vessels management. We believe that teamwork, competency, systems and the right experience is crucial to the success of any project. We are a system driven company when it comes to offshore vessel activities and have created a name for ourselves by providing a cost-effective and efficient ship management service of international standards to our esteemed customers.

Offshore sector projects involve use of specialized ships such as dynamic positioning vessels, anchor handlers, accommodation ships, diver support vessels, ROVs, safety standby vessels etc. JP Offshore has experience in all of these sectors and can offer full ship management to our clients.

We have been growing substantially over the years and are recognized as one of the most trusted companies in the field of offshore and ship management.

Bunker & Freshwater Supply:

License Supplier, Trading and Brokering of Petroleum Products.

With our widespread experience in Petroleum trading/brokering both locally and overseas, mainly in the east coast India, Pardeep, Visakhapatnam, Gangavaram, Kakinada, Chennai, we at  JP Offshore  are perfectly placed to guarantee the safe delivery of Marine Gas Oil, Marine Fuel Oil and Marine Diesel at competitive prices.

Due to wide range in capacities of bunker barges and fresh water barges we have an advantage in provide an exceptionally quick service without delay at an most competitive rates.

We purchase our petroleum products and have a good rapport with the major oil companies in India. These include:

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited.
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
Indian Oil Corporation Limited

We supply:

  • Marine Gas Oil
  • Marine Diesel Oil
  • Marine Fuel Oil (grade 180-CST, 380-CST)

at very competitive prices and with quality conforming to which are in accordance with Maritime and Port Authority of India.

We understand the importance of a quick and efficient turn-around time so that your vessels can embark on their next destination as soon as possible. 

We have extensive experience with all procedures and practices implemented and governed by the MPA and the Immigration Department of India. Based on this, the owner of a vessel can be assured of a smooth turn around.

Marine Lube oils:

We Provide wide range of lube oils

* Servo Cut AL 23

Servo Neum 100

Servo Rex Series


Servo Mesh Plus series

                                                                                                                                                           Copyright © JP Offshores - All Rights Reserved.